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Program » ANZOS & Breakthrough Discoveries 2018 Joint Conference
ANZOS & Breakthrough Discoveries 2018 Joint ConferenceOctober 16 - 18, 2018 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Subject to change. Updated 30/11/2016

Thursday 1st December

08:00 Registration
08:50 Welcome
Tony Tiganis



David James
Metabolic phosphoproteomics

Session 1: Novel mediators of insulin resistance (sponsored by ADS)

Chairs: Mike Ryan & Magda Montgomery
09:45 Matthew Watt
Using ‘omics’ approaches to understand diabetes pathogenesis
10:15 Sean McGee
The Alzheimer’s disease protein amyloid beta 42 and its precursor protein: unexpected roles in peripheral metabolism
10:35 Esteban Gurzov
BCL-2-interacting-mediator-of-cell-death (BIM) deficiency in liver improves mitochondrial oxygen consumption, decreases oxidative stress and enhances insulin sensitivity in diet-induced obesity
10:50 Nigel Turner
Increasing nuclear NAD+ biosynthesis results in an oxidative shift in skeletal muscle and improved insulin sensitivity
11:05 Morning Tea

Session 2: Integrative biology and metabolic control

Chairs: Mark Sleeman & Stephanie Simmonds 
11:30 Frank Reimann
Stimulus secretion coupling in enteroendocrine cells
12:00  Stephen Simpson
Putting the balance back in diet: The nutritional geometry of metabolic health and ageing 
12:30 Anton Bennett
Tissue specific contributions of the MAP kinase phosphatase-1 in metabolic regulation 
13:00 Lunch 

Session 3: Adipose Tissue Biology

Chairs: Matthew Watt & Belinda Henry
14:00 Matthew Rodeheffer
Understanding how we get fat: Dietary regulation of adipogenesis
14:30 Hongyuan Robert Yang
Lipid synthesis and storage in human metabolic disorders
15:00 Michelle Keske
Adipose tissue microvascular blood flow and type 2 diabetes
15:30 Mark Hargreaves
Exercise and metabolic diseases
15:50 Break

Novo Nordisk Plenary #1

Chair: Tony Tiganis
16:00 Philipp Scherer
The multifaceted roles of adipose tissue: Therapeutic target for diabetes and beyond
17:00 Poster Session (including wine and cheese tasting & canapes)


Friday 2nd December

08:00 Registration

Novo Nordisk Plenary #2

Chair: Tony Tiganis


Joel Elmquist
Using mouse genetics to identify CNS pathways linking exercise, energy balance and glucose homeostasis

Session 4: Neural control of energy balance (sponsored by Journal of Neuroendocrinology)

Chairs: Zane Andrews & Natalie Michael
09:30 Herbert Herzog
Diet-induced adaptive thermogenesis requires Neuropeptide FF receptor-2 signalling
10:00 Michael Cowley
Brain control of blood glucose
10:30 Sarah Lockie
Loss of AMPK in NPY/AgRP neurons alters feeding in response to 2-deoxyglucose, glucose and ghrelin
10:45 Claire Foldi
CNS reward pathways in anorexia nervosa: Insights from a rat model 
11:00 Morning Tea

Session 5: Peripheral control of energy balance

Chairs: Brian Oldfield & Garron Dodd
11:30 Jun Wu
Beige-fat-specific regulation in mouse and human
12:00  Jenny Gunton
Increasing beige / brown fat activity as a treatment for obesity and diabetes
12:30 Garron Dodd
A glucocorticoid-induced hypothalamic phosphatase switch coordinates feeding with white adipose tissue browning 
12:45 Sandra Galic
AMPK-ACC signalling is required for increasing appetite under conditions of metabolic stress
13:00 Lunch 

Session 6: Inflammation and metabolic disease (sponsored by In Vitro Technologies)

Chairs: Sofianos Andrikopoulos & Aneta Stefanidis

Scott Summers
Adipocyte ceramides regulate subcutaneous adipose browning, inflammation and metabolism

14:30 Leonie Heilbronn
Macrophages and tissue remodelling following acute nutritional modulation in humans
15:00 Anna Calkin
Identification of novel regulators of lipid metabolism using an integrative systems approach
15:15 Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer
Crosstalk between adipose tissue and liver: transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of secreted factors affecting insulin sensitivity in a protein kinase C epsilon-dependent manner
15:30 Alexander Tups
Is hypothalamic inflammation the cause of leptin resistance?
15:45 Mark Febbraio
IC7: A novel therapeutic to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes 
16:15 Closing remarks and award ceremony
Tony Tiganis
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*Current as of 30/11/2016 12:31pm