ANZOS & Breakthrough Discoveries 2018 Joint ConferenceOctober 16 - 18, 2018 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

2016 Conference

Convenor's Thank You

Thank you for joining us at the Metabolic Disease 2016 Conference!

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions throughout the developed world and is spreading across Asia, Oceania and Africa. Obesity is a principal factor in overall disease burden in the world and the single most important contributor to the development of type 2 diabetes, a leading cause of morbidity and premature mortality.

This international meeting, with the subtitle “Breakthrough Discoveries in Diabetes and Obesity”, provided a forum for the exchange of ideas between the academic, clinical and pharmaceutical communities to develop an integrative understanding of pathogenesis and strategies for combating obesity, type 2 diabetes.

The meeting featured some of the leading international scientists in the obesity and type 2 diabetes fields, including Philipp Scherer (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center), Joel Elmquist (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center), Matthew Rodeheffer (Yale School of Medicine), Anton Bennett (Yale School of Medicine) and Jun Wu (University of Michigan), as well as some of the very best Australian diabetes and obesity researchers including David JamesJenny Gunton, Leonie HeilbronnHerbert Herzog, Stephen Simpson and Mark Febbraio to name a few.

Thanks for attending and thank you to our sponsors and supporters.

Tony Tiganis
Chair, Metabolic Diseases organising committee